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Lakeuden Hydro Oy specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of hydraulic equipment primarily for the local market.


However, activities are also being carried out in other parts of Finland and Europe.


Lakeuden Hydro draws upon the resources of many qualified partners both in production and sales.


Lakeuden Hydro is based in western Finland. Established in Seinäjoki in 1971, the company expanded to Vaasa in 1976.


Accordingly, Lakeuden Hydro is one of the oldest manufacturers of hydraulic equipment in Finland that is still operating. Modern facilities in Seinäjoki and Vaasa offer an efficient setting for operations and customer service.


Lakeuden Hydro stocks a wide range of basic hydraulic components, such as pumps, valves, filters, pipe fittings and, naturally, hydraulic hoses and couplings.


Working closely with component manufacturers and distributors, we spare no effort to ensure timely deliveries.


Lakeuden Hydro Oy is also a major supplier of hydraulic systems to industry. With over 40 years' experience of hydraulic design and problem solving, our designers are in a position to deliver efficient solutions for current and future hydraulic design needs. We make hydraulic aggregates and systems in our own workshop and also service and repair hydraulic equipment.


All units manufactured and repaired by Lakeuden Hydro are always test-operated before shipment to ensure full performance.

As well as hydraulic equipment, we supply pneumatic components, bearings, sealants, industrial products, tools, and cleaning agents.


We at Lakeuden Hydro also think of the future and have introduced an environmental policy that was certified by BVI in 2000.




Silmukkatie 17
PL 279
FIN-65101 Vaasa

Tel. (06)3205 300
Fax. (06)3123 560


Tel. (06) 3205 325



Rajatie 46
PL 110
FIN-60101 Seinäjoki

Fax. (06) 4144 970


Tel. (06) 4125 125


contact via email:






Rajatie 46
FIN-60120 Seinäjoki

Myynti (06) 4125 100
Korjaamo 044-066 1007

arkisin 8.00 - 17.00

la 9.00-13.00



Laturintie 4
FIN-65100 Vaasa

Myynti (06) 3205 300
Korjaamo 044-343 3454

arkisin 8.00 - 17.00

la suljettu

24 h

Varaosamyynnin päivystys


Seinäjoki puh. 0400-564 441
Vaasa puh. 0400-564 442 


Käyntimaksut työajan ulkopuolella/ Arkisin
klo 06.00-22.00 60.00 €
klo 22.00-06.00 120.00 € 


Käyntimaksut / Pyhänä 120.00 €
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Lakeuden Hydro Oy

Hydrauliikan ja pneumatiikan, teollisuusletkujen, laakereiden ja tiivistystarvikkeiden sekä työkalujen ammattilainen Pohjanmaalla.

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